The Avid Crew: Cheesy For Life

I’m not quite sure this will be the best blog I’ve ever made, but hopefully it will be good.

Year One: It all started freshman year when me and my best friend Amanda walked into room 54 in the basement under the cafeteria. There were no desks; just chairs placed in a circle. Little did we know we would soon be listening to Mr. Killough, our freshman Avid teacher, reading from his “Be True to Your School” novel. Killough was, first and foremost, a journalism teacher, so all the Macs against the walls were to be used by his yearbook and newspaper staff only. Being the mischievous freshman that we were, some of us used to move important documents around just to frustrate Killough. We always stayed in our little circle, and the class consisted of all girls except for two very smart boys, Roger and Ruben. The Avid Crew began with Amanda, Ruben, and I, friends since elementary, and two weeks into the year, Roger and Dominique became aquainted with us. After the first semester, a shy-looking white girl strolled into our class. We were always getting new students who would eventually leave, so it was nothing new to see different face within the circle. Amber Boyd, who wasn’t so shy after all, became the new addition to the Crew her first day there. We all had fun joking around with Killough and our tutors. The last installment of the group was Lexi. She was there since day one, but we hadn’t really been much more than aquaintances until the last couple of months of our freshman year. I remember having to take Cornell notes on the “Rear Window” movie, which resembled “Disturbia.” I also remember keeping track of those lame pretend stocks. I was never good at them. The best trip we took that year was the one to Texas State. I knew then, like I know now, that Texas State is the school for me.

Year Two: We were all excited to become sophomores, but even more excited to continue being the Avid Crew. The second year brought many changes: Coach Gomez was our new teacher, Amanda was no longer in the class, and there were many new faces. Gomez didn’t make us work as much as Killough, but she still put work on our desks everyday. We had a student teacher that year, and while I thought she was wonderful, some students, like Irving, weren’t too fond of her. I read a lot of books that year, including Twilight. I remember watching “The Princess Bride” and the Avid Crew was so intent on remaking the movie in Dominiques backyard. We even gave every member of the Avid Crew a role from the movie. It never happened, but I know it would have been fun to play out. That was also the year with the bomb and gun threats, the day me, Amber, Nikki, and Roger tried to flee the school and hop in Nikki’s dads Mustang. Roger, unfortunately, didn’t make it. It was also fun creating our cute Avid shirts. I still have mine with the outline of my misspelled name. It’s sad, I misspelled my name a lot that year. With the pancakes, birthday cakes, Secret Santa, DDR, and the time Nikki bounced my ball out of the window, that was a really fun year in Avid; the year of our youth.

Year Three: Amanda was back. And this year, there were many more new faces, but the Avid Crew remained invincible in our corner of Ms. Chounet’s room next the to sunlit windows. Honestly, we never worked much in that class, aside from Gio’s lame tutor sessions. We were all so rebellious against any type of work. Chounet only ever gave us famous quotes to cop down into our “Avid Journal,” and she always talked about squirrels or tangelos. I’ll never forget the day she threw taffy at me, that crazy woman. We always played card games whenever we got bored. I’ll never forget my little spot in the corner by the window :]

Year Four: Mr. Jimenez, the only teacher who made us constantly work. It was for our own good though. It’s been a great last year in Avid, and the projects have been excitingly creative. The thing I love most about the class is the ability to blog as I am doing now, for the last time. I accomplished so much in this class, especially finding my true calling: writing. Thank you Mr. Jimenez, for all the ways you made school work fun, because it was fun everyday :] And to the people that were once in the Avid Crew but got out, you were voted off the island and aren’t allowed back. The Avid Crew now consists of: Amber Boyd, Roger Reyna, Lexi Gutierrez, and Bernice Barrera….the cheesiest people alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Final Countdown

Finalizing everything for college in the fall has kept me busy. Even my current classes aren’t hectic anymore. I can tell everyone in the halls and in classes are counting down the days until summer. This month is going by so slowly and I knew that it would. It seems like people are becoming more carefree as the days pass. It’s different for me because I have the weight of the newspaper on my back. I need to finish this year succesfully so that I can brag about my accomplishments and perseverance through all this stress. 16 more days as of today. These words are what keep me going:

“I’ve been crawling to the m0untains. Skinned my knees with blood and hope. If I stayed standing I’d be drowning. The rising waters made me choke…

I’m heading for higher ground.

I left everyone behind me. I took everything I know. Half way up and I’m still climbing. Still a million miles to go. The water is drawing nearer as everything disappears…

I’m heading for higher ground.

And my foot slips but I don’t quit. And my hand grips the rock. Something pulls deep from within me. ‘Till I get there I won’t stop. I know this road; never seen it before. I know what lies behind unopened doors. I saw the signs from the distant shore that I couldn’t ignore…

I’m heading for higher ground.

Way up here the air is thinner; feel like I could go so far.”

AP Testing and What-Not

Finally, i can retire my English IV binder. It’s been such a burden on me and now I’m able to throw it in my locker and never look at it again until it’s time to clean out lockers. It was such a horrible binder, the appearance anyway. With it’s PETA stickers up and down the cracking spine which was pathetically being held together by scotch tape. I can, hopefully, rest easy in that class for the remainder of the year. It only intimidated my the first couple of months, but as winter rolled along, I wasn’t scared anymore. There wasn’t an actual reason to be afraid, except maybe dissappointing myself through Santos. I look forward to no longer dissecting poems and excerpts. It’s a horrible thing to analyze such things; they lose their beauty when you do.

The only responsiblilites that linger on my back are the next two issues of The Declaration. All the planning, preparation, and stress that I have to endure….well….it’s not something that excites me. I honestly can’t wait to be free!

The Declaration

I’ve finally met a deadline with the least amount of stress. I’m always proud of every published copy, although I haven’t grabbed a few of my own, I’m excited to know that students and teachers actually enjoy reading something I created with the help of all my writers. Yesterday morning, as I was walking into the library, I noticed Mr. Thiele walking down the hall with his nose in the newest issue. (Wow) I thought to myself. Today, my friend Maritza told me that her government teacher, Coach Polit, likes my name. I asked her where he heard it from, and she responded with,
“he was reading your editorial.” I was surprised. Also, one of the girls in my government class came up to me when the bell rang and told me she read it too. If any of you  haven’t read my editorial, it’s about prom and my incapability to attend the event. Kelly, the girl who approached me, said she would love to talk to Mr. Fields for the both of us, because her boyfriend isn’t in high school either, and she wants to attend prom with him.

All of this feedback is great! Thank you to everyone who has taken a moment to read The Declaration :]

The Unhealable Wound


01 Star Wars And Revenge Of The Sith

Leave it to me to rant about the wonders of Star Wars. Applying Archetypes to the saga, I realized that in almost every episode, someone loses a limb or two. In my opinion, this represents the Unhealable Wound, which can either be physical or psychological. This wound cannot  be fully healed and sometimes signifies a loss of innocence or control.

In the movies, the most significant scene that depicts the Unhealable Wound is when Darth Vader cuts Luke’s arm off in Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. In this particular scene, Darth Vader reveals to Luke Skywalker that he is his biological father. It’s a very dramatic part in the entire Saga, because it creates  an idea that, as a hero, Luke has the potential to become just as villanious as his ancestry suggests. Chosen by his father to join the “Darkside”, Luke’s vulnerability becomes apparent when he loses his arm. This vulnerability lies within the conflict of making a decision between family and one’s sense of morality.

Another victim of the Unhealable Wound is Anakin Skywalker, A.K.A. Darth Vader. Episode III: The Revenge of the Sith-In a battle against his mentor/best friend, Obi Wan, he loses both legs and one arm. In an effort to cure these wounds, a costume is made for Anakin, thus turning him into the infamous, robotic Darth Vader. The loss of limbs, in this situation, signifies a fall from grace. It was a gradual fall from grace, because in Episode II: The Attack of the Clones, Anakin loses one of his arms from the blow of Count Dooku’s lightsaber. His arm was later replaced by a robotic replica, which was a foreshadow of the machine he would later become.

Of course, in the end of the saga, Vader dies, and Luke is truimphant. Although both characters reconcile eventually, their wounds still exist thereafter. This is my opinion of the multiple images of loss limbs throughoutt the films, but when asked about it, George Lucas merely smiled to himself and walked away leaving the question unanswered. Why would Lucas constantly portray such symbols and what effect does it have on the viewers/fans? Was it an outlet for his own internal conflicts of losing one’s self control or innocence? And if he possessed the experience and heartache that trails behind that feeling of lost innocence, was the production of the saga his attempt of grasping onto his inner child?

Civic Participation

In government, we’ve been working on political parties and I found out I’m a Democrat (no surprise there). But really, politics aren’t appealing to me. I know they’re important and what not, but it’s just so boring. I never understood why people try so hard to separate themselves even further in society; making cliques within cliques. This makes the country seem like one big high school; one big popularity contest after another. They separate themselves into these parties based on their principles of  immigration, health care, criminal justice, etc.

But for 45 minutes a day for the past week, I had to pretend like I enjoyed politics and happily engaged in a mock campaign to help a fellow student get elected as president. We made a poster and slogan, and all that stuff, but the whole class never finished the assignment so I don’t know if I was a good campaign manager or whatever. And my teacher tore all the posters off the wall as if all the work we had done was pointless.

Bah, politics deeply upset me.

Goodbye Teen Team

April is almost here and that means my last Express News Teen Team meeting is coming up too. It all went by so fast, like everything usually does. Ugh, I despise time! Everything must come to an end eventually, and I’m still trying to get used to it.

Last night’s meeting was particulary interesting, not that the others were boring, but we were actually able to become a little more creative than usual. We were told to write about the props set out in front of us; the first was a gigantic, fake, red rose.

Here’s what came to my mind when I saw it:rosered

 “We’re painting the roses red!” She said; she bellowed; she screamed. They cowered; they ran; they jumped in fear of her humongous head. No one quite knows how her head came to be so large or why she loved the color red. All they knew was: to upset the Queen meant decapitation. Certainly, they thought, she must have the tiniest bit of sympathy for their miniscule heads. Anywho, today was no day to fret about decapitation because the roses HAD to be painted RED or they would not live to see tomorrow. And just like her head, the roses were particularly large. “This could take all day” they thought to themselves. Never once did they make a mistake to speak out of place; for if she happened to hear, they would, in turn, hear “OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!”

We were only given ten minutes to come up with somthing creative, and I really think I achieved what they were expecting. But, unfortunately, the person who was chosen to read my interpretation of the rose had an accent and it was very difficult for the rest of the group to understand what I wrote. I didn’t get the kind of reaction i was hoping for, but at least I know that I didn’t write about love like everyone else.

As a farewell to the Teen Team, I’d like to share with all of you the Teen Team Blog:

My Feeble Attempt at a Sonnet

The age of Brilliancy is now alive

We pass it by without a blink of the eye

People all around us make it so simple to dive

Into the knowledge that calls forth every lie

I won’t stain a smile on their minds

Because it is too bland and too late

To see that I will always break the binds

Around the Rising Roots of catastrophe’s mate

If misery loves company, then count me in

I’ll settle on this platform with only one friend

The one whose silence captivates my sin

Will be the one who I’ll trust ’till the very end

So on with her melancholy of which we can afford

And on to the unnecessary of which they will record

Smooth Move

In my classes things have been moving pretty smoothly. I haven’t let myself get stressed over the work because it’s fairly simple and I’ve gained an optimistic point of view now that there are a few more months of school left. The school library will always be able to cleanse my thoughts and I’m getting nostalgic that it’s my last year; no more sunlit haven filled with shelves of knowledge. We’re moving on to Sonnets in English and I must admit, it’s a very interesting way of writing. I would like to take my chance at writing a few, but I’m hesitant because I know it would take much patience and practice and research. The rhyming scheme of it all is what attracts me the most. When I write poems, which is rare, I’m not a huge fan on rhyming because it seems too cliche, but it works perfectly in Sonnets; it flows. I’m stuck on the rhyming of the art, and I’ve overlooked the meaning and purpose of it. And what I mean by this is that I get distracted by the rhythm at the end of each line that I don’t pay attention to what the Sonnet is actually saying. But to even begin writing a sonnet, one must come up with a conflict, issue, or a doubt and end the text in a way that resolves the situtation. If it was up to me I would just write about antything, like I usually do. But the format of a sonnet forces me to think about the type of context I should employ. For example, I’m excited about making cute and silly rhymes, but not too thrilled about coming up with a situation. It’s because I don’t like to “spill” my life to anyone but my journal, and writing about a personal situation is, to me, a very vulnerable thing.