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In government, we’ve been working on political parties and I found out I’m a Democrat (no surprise there). But really, politics aren’t appealing to me. I know they’re important and what not, but it’s just so boring. I never understood why people try so hard to separate themselves even further in society; making cliques within cliques. This makes the country seem like one big high school; one big popularity contest after another. They separate themselves into these parties based on their principles ofย  immigration, health care, criminal justice, etc.

But for 45 minutes a day for the past week, I had to pretend like I enjoyed politics and happily engaged in a mock campaign to help a fellow student get elected as president. We made a poster and slogan, and all that stuff, but the whole class never finished the assignment so I don’t know if I was a good campaign manager or whatever. And my teacher tore all the posters off the wall as if all the work we had done was pointless.

Bah, politics deeply upset me.

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  1. you know, youre right! i actually find politics interesting and stuff but it is a very immature matter within a mature ordeal. democrat or republican… liberal or conservative.. we all need to make a decision that will impact us as a whole and not as a part of a country. I mean, imagine if we didnt have any of that? the USA would be much more simple. and its ironic considering george washington told everyone to avoid political parties and nobody listened… as if the man wasnt smart…..! like…. whatttt?


    • Exactly, you’re right too! People forget that we live in the UNITED States of America, and yet, the citizens still choose to alienate themselves. Why should we be forced to choose a particular party? I choose the Undecided party, where no one can place me under surveillance.

  2. The truth is everybody has different opinions, we are never going to be able to coexist with no problems. If it makes you feel any better the United states is doing pretty good, you have to realize in other countries there are dictators and trying to speak against him is suicide.
    & there is such thing as a independent party but like lexi it never wins.

    • You’re also right, everybody has different opinions, and we are each entitled to those opinions. But why do we let these opinions dictate who we should/shouldnt vote for, or who we choose as friends, because some people get put off by others based on their political party.

  3. Does belonging to one political party or the other suggest things about our race, class, and/or sex? By identifying oneself as a conservative, what may others assume about you? Do these assumptions shift based on who we are and where we come from?

    I’ve always identified as a Progressive, however, friends from other parts of the world characterize some of my views and practices as conservative. Because my view of progress means progress in San Antonio, not progress in Paris or LA, Amsterdam, or Sydney, I’m left wondering how exactly my ideas and actions would transform if I lived and worked in a much more liberal city.

  4. aww that sounds fun!!
    I like the reference to a high school. Never thought about it that way.
    It kind of reminded me of when we watched “Journey’s with George”
    amd bush said that the whole election is like a beauty contest.
    And I kind of do agreee with Johana’s comment that our country us running better than most.
    But i still believe we can still make it better.
    Most politicians are selfish and dont see their flaws.

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