The Declaration

I’ve finally met a deadline with the least amount of stress. I’m always proud of every published copy, although I haven’t grabbed a few of my own, I’m excited to know that students and teachers actually enjoy reading something I created with the help of all my writers. Yesterday morning, as I was walking into the library, I noticed Mr. Thiele walking down the hall with his nose in the newest issue. (Wow) I thought to myself. Today, my friend Maritza told me that her government teacher, Coach Polit, likes my name. I asked her where he heard it from, and she responded with,
“he was reading your editorial.” I was surprised. Also, one of the girls in my government class came up to me when the bell rang and told me she read it too. If any of you  haven’t read my editorial, it’s about prom and my incapability to attend the event. Kelly, the girl who approached me, said she would love to talk to Mr. Fields for the both of us, because her boyfriend isn’t in high school either, and she wants to attend prom with him.

All of this feedback is great! Thank you to everyone who has taken a moment to read The Declaration :]

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