AP Testing and What-Not

Finally, i can retire my English IV binder. It’s been such a burden on me and now I’m able to throw it in my locker and never look at it again until it’s time to clean out lockers. It was such a horrible binder, the appearance anyway. With it’s PETA stickers up and down the cracking spine which was pathetically being held together by scotch tape. I can, hopefully, rest easy in that class for the remainder of the year. It only intimidated my the first couple of months, but as winter rolled along, I wasn’t scared anymore. There wasn’t an actual reason to be afraid, except maybe dissappointing myself through Santos. I look forward to no longer dissecting poems and excerpts. It’s a horrible thing to analyze such things; they lose their beauty when you do.

The only responsiblilites that linger on my back are the next two issues of The Declaration. All the planning, preparation, and stress that I have to endure….well….it’s not something that excites me. I honestly can’t wait to be free!

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