Archetypes and Symbols

I never really knew what Archetypes were before this week, and now that I know the definition and some examples, I can relate it to everything I come across now, especially in books since I read so much. Archetypes are basically images of symbols which solely preside in humans, along with inanimate objects. I’ve always viewed symbols as material objects such as a locket, pen, hat, etc., but now that I know it’s possible for human beings and characters to be viewed as symbols, it’s shed so many possibilities and perceptions that I’m eager to be looking out for. The one that interests me most is The Woman Figure because there are five different archetypes for a female symbol. This caught my eye for the mere fact that soceity has revealed that there are many sides-not just one-to the female ego, and even though they might be sterotypical, it’s relieving to know that woman have made a dent in society as a whole.

The Epitome of Love

Since when did the human heart stop being a bodily organ and start being a vessel of love? When did feeling with your heart begin? I believe it started out as a metaphorical phrase, “I love you with all my heart,” It’s just a saying that escaladed into an invention that society has composed in order to put a face on love. People have separated emotional feelings from logical feelings and given each a home: a blood-pumping organ and a brain. Now, there’s a definitive line between thinking with your heart and thinking with your mind. These words and images of the heart are merely an extremism of a thought or feeling the mind conjures up. Since a person’s heart is the epitome of life, they solely rely on every feeling to come from that one organ.

Ten One-line Poems to Immortality

1. Immortality, you make fools of us all.

2. Immortality, hopeless souls sojourning on.

3. Immortality, worth waiting for.

4. Immortality, everything must come to an end.

5. Immortality, you’re a delightful attraction.

6. Immortality, new graves defy your purpose.

7. Immortality, we weep for longer life.

8. Immortality, your light makes us cowards.

9. Immortality, you’re intangibly delicious.

10. Immortality, the deceased laugh in your face.